Burpees Supersteak Hybrid Tomato Seeds and Plants .

  • Our favorite super size tomato-with most fruits weighing in at 2 lb. Burpee bred, this is the original with "beefsteak" flavor and meaty texture.
  • Supersweet 100 is a reliable cherry tomato with prolific yields of great tasting, 15-20 gm. fruits produced in large clusters. Widely adapted. High resistance to . Supersweet 100 Super Fantastic is rather popular here in Northern New Mexico and I have grown it off and on for years. It is a large, tasty and tough plant in our environment where wind and viral disease are the worst problems. Super Fantastic generally does better than any other varieties except Sungold and a Supersweet 100 which are cherry tomatoes. Tomato Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'Super Fantastic VF' 70 days. Solanum lycopersicum. (F1) Plant produces heavy yields of large round red tomatoes all season long. Tomatoes are juicy, meaty, and very flavorful. Tall plant does well in most regions. Disease Resistant: VF. Indeterminate.