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GaN FET Selection Tool for Buck Converters.

The GS61008P-EVBHF facilitates the evaluation of our GaN E-HEMT in a high-performance DC/DC synchronous buck environment. Designed for optimal performance at high switching speeds, this is a suitable development platform for applications that favor reduced physical size, weight and cost. But in the 24 to 60V space—comprising industrial, automotive and telecom applications—silicon transistors are not efficient enough to use in multimegahertz buck converters. Instead, gallium nitride GaN transistors enable superior efficiency and performance, enabling 2 to 2.5MHz buck converters operating from 48V buses. The GaN FET Selection Tool for Buck Converters, is an enhanced product selection tool that uses estimation and calculation for a hard switched Buck converter. The objective of this selection tool is to help you find the best GaN FETs to fit your design needs. 20.09.2012 · Johan Strydom, Vice President of Applications, explains the benefits of using eGaN FETs in a 1MHz buck converter to reduce system size and cost.

GaN Systems has teamed up with Murata subsidiary pSemi to develop a 5MHz buck converter evaluation board using 100V enhanced mode gallium nitride GaN transistors.
Very High Frequency PWM Buck Converters Using Monolithic GaN Half-Bridge Power Stages With Integrated Gate Drivers Abstract: Integration is a key step in utilizing advances in GaN technologies and enabling efficient switched-mode power conversion at very high frequencies VHF. This paper addresses design and implementation of monolithic GaN half-bridge power stages with integrated gate. EL SEGUNDO, Calif.—October 2014 — Efficient Power Conversion Corporation EPC introduces the EPC9118, a fully functional buck power conversion demonstration circuit. This board is a 30 V-60 V input to 5 V, 20 A maximum output current, 400 kHz buck converter.

by Alex Lidow, CEO, Efficient Power Conversion Corp. It can be tricky to analyze power supply designs incorporating GaN power devices. Here are the basics of calculating losses and device currents when using these exotic semiconductors. There is a lot of activity in wide-bandgap semiconductors these days. They have the ability to operate at. GaN FET module performance advantage over silicon 3 Texas Instruments: March 2015 DC/DC converter losses In this section we briefly discuss mechanisms that cause losses in hard switched converters. Figure 2. Simplified view of the buck power stage Figure 3. Turn-on and turn-off losses during inductive switching. GaN’s inherent lower gate and output capacitance enable MHz switching frequency operation while reducing gate and switching losses to increase efficiency. Unlike silicon, GaN naturally lacks a body diode, which eliminated reverse recovery loss and further increases efficiency and.

GaN Transistor Evaluation Boards And Reference Designs Click on a part number to access data sheet, models, evaluation kits and other design tools Application Notes. The previous column in this series discussed driver and layout considerations to improve the performance achievable with eGaN FETs. In this installment the optimum layout will be implemented in a high frequency buck converter yielding greater than 96% efficiency switching at 1 MHz. These advanced applications are putting higher demands on the power converters, and silicon-based power conversion is not keeping pace. The latest generation of 100 V GaN devices increase the efficiency, shrink the size, and reduce system cost for 48 V power conversion. Application Brief – eGaN FETs and ICs for DC-DC Conversion.

GaN buck converter evaluation board runs at 5MHz.

Editor’s note: We bring you Chapter 5: Buck Converters of "GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion," published by Power Conversion Publications. The authors delve into various buck converter designs using GaN FETs as the foundational part of the design architecture. GaN Based Switched Capacitor Three-Level Buck Converter with Cascaded Synchronous Bootstrap Gate Drive Scheme Suvankar Biswas and David Reusch. • Using the LMG5200 GaN Half-Bridge Power Module EVM this user's guide • Safety instructions • LMG5200 specifications 4 Electrical Performance Specifications The inductor used in this EVM is a 4.7-µH inductor. The switching frequency is set by an external PWM signal between 0 V and 5 V. The duty cycle of this PWM signal sets the duty.

voltage ratio. In [15], a non-inverting Buck-Boost converter, as shown in Fig. 1, was proposed, and it is able to achieve full ZVS operation, as well as flexible and easy control, which is significantly better than the resonant converters such as Class- E DC-DC converters. This paper presents a high switching frequency GaN-based bidirectional DC-DC converter which can achieve high efficiency. GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN power semiconductors, today announced the availability of its 5MHz buck converter evaluation board GS61008P-EVBHF using GaN Systems’ 100V E-Mode GaN transistor and pSemi’s PE29101 integrated high-speed driver. Multi-MHz GaN Power Stage Reference Design for High-Speed DC/DC Converters 2 System Overview 2.1 Block Diagram Figure 1 shows the block diagram of this design. One half-bridge driver LMG1210 with an external boot strap diode drives two paralleled half bridges. Four 65-V rated GaN FETs are used as switching devices. Figure 1. TIDA-01634 Block. The GS66502B is an enhancement mode GaN-on-silicon power transistor. The properties of GaN allow for high current, high voltage breakdown and high switching frequency. GaN Systems implements patented Island Technology ® cell layout for high-current die performance & yield. GaN Buck Converter in CCM with Optimized High Frequency Inductors. Konferenz: PCIM Europe 2018 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management.

converters with various soft switching techniques are presented in other references [4-7], the GaN-based ZVRT switching converter has not been proposed and studied. This research paper contributes to close the knowledge gap for soft-switched GaN based devices by presenting a GaN-based synchronous buck converter with ZVRT technique. The paper is. Hybrid Synchronous DC-DC Buck Power Converter using Si and GaN Transistors Mohammad H. Hedayati1, Pallavi Bharadwaj2, Vinod John2 1School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen 2Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science mh49929@, pallavi.90b@, Semiconductor suppliers such as uPI Semiconductor, Texas Instruments and pSemi, continue to release drivers and controllers to meet the growing demand for GaN-based designs. Below is a list of existing IC’s compatible with eGaN FETs.

Leverage the DC/DC buck converter parametric search tool to quickly find the step-down switching regulator to help solve your power supply design challenge. Populate the Vin, Vout, and Iout fields with values from your design requirements to immediately find the top buck regulators for your system. GaN Systems is the leader in Gallium Nitride GaN based power management devices, specializing in power conversion, semiconductors and transistors. A fabless power semiconductor company, GaN Systems is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The TDHBG2500P100 2.5kW half-bridge evaluation board provides the elements of a simple buck or boost converter for basic study of switching characteristics and efficiency achievable with Transphorm’s 650V GaN FETs. In either buck or boost mode the circuit can be configured for synchronous rectification and the high-voltage input and output. High Frequency Synchronous Buck Converter with GaN Transistors Demonstration circuit 2736A is a single output high volt - age nonisolated synchronous step-down converter that drives all GaN transistor power stage. It features the LTC®7800, a low quiescent current high frequency pro-grammable fixed frequency from 320kHz up to 2.25MHz. GaN Buck Converter in CCM with Optimized High Frequency Inductors. Conference: PCIM Europe 2018 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management.

GaN DC-DC Converter Topologies. Several different dc-dc converter topologies can be used to convert 48 V to 1 V, each coming with advantages and disadvantages. The buck converter is perhaps the. The power stage is a conventional hard-switched 300 kHz isolated buck converter. The EPC9115 board is intended to showcase the superior performance that can be achieved using the Gen 4 eGaN FETs and eGaN driver together in a conventional topology.

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